Custom Single Ouds

Top quality Single Top Oud featuring Turkish and Arabic Tuned Bracing System.

Base Price: 2700 USD

Base Specifications:

Caucassian Spruce for the soundboards.
Walnut, Padouk, Mahogany, Cherry, Pear, Movingui, Indian Laurel, Teak, Wenge bowl, neck and peg box woods.
Long or short fretboard.
Trespa or ebony fretboard wood.
White plexi rosettes.
Ebony or Rosewood pegs.
Black veneer pickguard.   

Extra Options:

Exotic woods:
Dalbergia Spruceana (Amazon Rosewood) +300 USD
Dalbergia Latifolia (East Indian Rosewood) +300 USD
Dalbergia Cearensis (Kingwood) Quartersawn +300 USD /  Flatsawn +500USD ( We are almost completely out of this option. Please contact before ordering)
Macassar Ebony  +500USD
Gabon Ebony +500 USD
Pommele Sapele +500 USD
Juniper +300 USD
Curly Maple +300 USD
Burma Teak +300 USD 
Santos +300 USD 
Purple Heart (Amaranth) +500 USD 
Palisander Rio (Nigra) +1000 USD 

Rosewood, Walnut, Maple +100USD
Double Layer +200USD

Double Layer with Mother of Pearl +300USD

Same with Bowl Wood +100 USD
Pickguard (Wood + Wood) +200USD
Pickguard (Wood + Mother of Pearl) +300USD

Mother of Pearl Rings:
Around the Rosettes (for Single Top) +300
Ebony, Trespa, Rosewood +100 USD
Soundboard Finish:
Finishing with Lacquer +100 USD
French Polish +200 USD

Size Customization:
7 Course +200 USD
Neck and String Length +100 USD

Handmade Custom Hard Case for Faruk Türünz Ouds: +300 USD

All other Custom Specifications are subject to discussion.

Additional charges for shipping and handling.