For us, wood is not only a raw material. It is the object that reflects our art and we approach it with the techniques and sophistication of the tradition of great masters. Their magic sound was not a matter of chance. It was a secret hidden under the face of the oud.

To the eye, the most striking characteristic of an oud is the back, traditionally constructed of hard woods found in Africa, India, South America, and Turkiye. Its curved formal elegance functions as a chamber, or vessel, for the instrument's acoustic resonance. The quality and highly skilled processing of wood selected to form the oud's back contribute to its unique sound.

The aesthetic beauty of an oud lies in integration of details, each element finely designed, and without exaggeration.

A troublesome part of an oud is often an ill fit of peg and peg box, and a poor quality of the peg itself. Our pegs are of carefully fitted, high grade ebony or rosewood.

But the secret of an oud is in its face, the most crucial piece whose complicated relation of surface and bracing produces tonal beauty and strength. While the delicately hand-crafted face provides a cover deserving of the oud's graceful back, the mystery of the instrument's musical balance lies in frequencies harmonically tuned by scientific methods and techniques.

We have absorbed the traditions of the master oud builders and carry their secrets forward with modern technology. Combined with the traditional art of instrument building our unique sound is the result of scientific harmonic techniques applied to the face of the oud.

Like the old masters the magic of our work leaves nothing to chance.

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